Prefab pump room

The construction of a conventional pump room is a complex process involving designers, building contractors, electrical fitters, mechanical engineers, suppliers and sub-contractors. Due to the wide diversity, good co-ordination and harmonisation are of the utmost importance. We will relieve you of this time-consuming work, producing the pump chamber to our 'just in time' schedule.

The base of the pre-fabricated pump room is 3.20 metres wide and can be supplied in customary lengths of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 metres. The pre-fabricated pump room is made to the customer's specifications, so non-standard dimensions are available. By coupling units, we can customise the width and length to your needs.

The pre-fabricated pump room will then be built in line with the applicable rules and regulations and always installed to the customer's specifications. Before delivery, the pre-fabricated pump room is extensively tested to check that it is working and properly sealed.


- Pressure, suction and test pipe
- All possible pump combinations
- Self-supporting construction
- Fire-resistant to 60 or 120 minutes
- Insulation value up to 3.1 W/m2/°C


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