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WB Firepacks Academy

Learning about the latest Firepack developments
Technological progress marches on. Particularly where safety is concerned, it is important to attend training and retraining. WB Firepacks Academy caters to Firepacks technicians, engineers, designers, consultants, insurers, and operators (both fitters and end customers) working in the field of fire prevention and sprinkler security. Our Academy offers specially developed programmes in terms of weekly testing and specific product training. Our programs vary from introductory courses to in-depth specialist training, and meet all professional demands in terms of fire safety in various environments and industries.

Reduce installation downtime
Our courses enable your operators to reduce downtime and perform primary services themselves. The knowledge they obtain also lets them better relay failure information or resolve failures themselves. Courses consist of practical sessions with a great deal of interaction between attendees and trainers.

Various training options
WB Firepacks Academy is characterised by flexibility. Like our Firepacks, courses can be customised to ensure their alignment with any level of knowledge. Courses can be attended at our Zwijdrecht training site, but in-company sessions are also an option.

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