Fire Lion becomes the new subsidiary of WB Firepacks

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Fire Lion Global, based in Vancouver, Washington state (United States), has become a wholly owned subsidiary of WB Firepacks. Fire Lion is active worldwide manufacturing and supplying foam pumps and foam pump systems for high hazard sites, aircraft hangars and the petrochemical industry. With this acquisition, WB Firepacks boardens the fire protection pump offerings including complete foam pumping systems for the special hazards fire fighting systems on a global scale.

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WB Firepacks and Fire Lion have been working together for many years in the engineering and producing of foam pumping systems. Köksal Koçakoglu, managing director of WB Firepacks: “Our ambition is to be a one-stop-shop partner in the field of pump sets for fire extinguishing systems. With the addition of Fire Lion to our activities, we are expanding our portfolio in the field of special hazards foam systems. This enables us to increase and expand our expertise, adding significant value, for our customers worldwide.”

Ready for the future

“Fire Lion's foam pumps are suitable for all foam concentrates, including the new environmentally friendly, fluorine free foam concentrates (FFF). The addition of Fire Lion to our activities is of great added value as the world switches to FFF foam concentrates. Fire Lion has more experience than any other pump manufacture with the new foam concentrates”, says Köksal Koçakoglu. Tom Reser, Founder of Fire Lion: “I am proud that Fire Lion becomes a 100% subsidiary of WB Firepacks and can continue its growth and expand its global presence. This step offers long-term continuity and I look forward to an intensive collaboration with WB Firepacks. Together we can serve customers even better in their critical hazard fire protection (foam) needs." Tom Reser remains involved in the development of Fire Lion through the application of his broad knowledge and experience of foam systems. The overall management will be in the hands of Köksal Koçakoglu, managing director of WB Firepacks and HSA Firepacks GmbH.

About Fire Lion Global

Fire Lion Global is active worldwide as a supplier of foam pumps and foam pump systems. Fire Lion's foam pumps are characterized as simple, easy to repair and robust. Fire Lion Global foam pumps are UL Listed, FM Approved, ISO registered and CE ATEX marked. For more information, visit www.firelionglobal.com.

About WB Firepacks

WB Firepacks develops, produces, tests, installs, repairs and maintains Firepacks: diesel and electric motor driven pump sets for fire extinguishing systems. From Zwijndrecht (The Netherlands) and Celle (Germany) WB Firepacks supply sprinkler installers and end-users throughout Europe and the world. For more information, visit www.firepacks.com

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