EFP offers solution

The EFP finally offers the solution to an existing problem. We have successfully implemented the EFP at an existing location where problems were being experienced with mixing foam concentrate under difficult circumstances. The plant in question was a high-expansion foam installation, divided into different zones with a flow rate varying from 400 l/min - 13,000 l/min.

Our customer had been trawling the market for some time for solutions to this situation. Our challenge had two components. On the one hand, an existing situation in which room for installing equipment was limited and, on the other hand, the high turn-down ratio of 400 - 13,000 l/min., with a mixing percentage of 3% having to be maintained. In addition, a response time of less than 15 seconds was necessary due to the strategy applied. With our approach, in the form of the EFP, we were able to find an answer on both fronts. This installation has been approved by testing and approval body R2B to the customer's satisfaction.


EFP has already been successfully installed in the field many times to the requirements of approval bodies (such as Veritas and R2B).

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