Per January 1, 2016 Van Wijk & Boerma Firepacks B.V. takes over the German company HSA-Egert GmbH.

18 and 19 November 2014

Van Wijk & Boerma Firepacks B.V.
(WB Firepacks) is one of the leading company in the fire fighting market and seeks continuously for new developments. One of the new developments is the high pressure watermist systems which result in minimum use of water and will result in less water damage.

WB Firepacks is committed to quality. And now we can also prove it. Because recently we are ISO certified!

WB Firepacks got the certification for the WBCAN control panel.
For the installations build according NFPA-20 rules the used component needs to be “listed for fire service by an approved laboratory”.

WB Firepacks offers a solution by applying KIWA certified dual fuel tanks for fire fighting.
The entrance of Kiwa certified fuel tanks in the firefighting market is unavoidable. Most important aspect is the fuel tank has to be conform the PGS-30 guidelines and also according the FM/UL, NFPA specification.

The EFP finally offers the solution to an existing problem. We have successfully implemented the EFP at an existing location where problems were being experienced with mixing foam concentrate under difficult circumstances.